get behind me seitan! (darkmugen) wrote in southwestgarden,
get behind me seitan!


there's so many seeds I want to get from J. L. HUDSON which is an anarchist run seed company.
I filled out an order last year that liz was going to buy for me but I didn't place the order with it because I don't actually have the land to grow all the seeds I've been collecting. Seeds have to be grown out every few years or they start to die. Hopefully I'll find somewhere to live with some space for a nice garden.

I also got my Seed Savers Exchange annual publication Seed Savers Yearbook (mailed each February) which makes available (only to SSE’s members) the seeds of about 12,000 rare varieties of vegetables, fruits and grains. In other words, each year SSE’s members offer nearly twice as many vegetable varieties as are available from all of the mail-order seed catalogs in both the U.S. and Canada. Last year I splurged and bought about 50 dollars worth in mostly chile seeds. I'm going to keep digging at my soil in the back yard, but it's a nightmare to dig. I miss my garden in tempe.
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