get behind me seitan! (darkmugen) wrote in southwestgarden,
get behind me seitan!

tepary beans(Phaseolus actuifolius)

Me and Liz just cooked our second pot of tepary beans(Phaseolus actuifolius). They are so good tasting and the most amazing legume ever! They thrive in desert heat and actually don't make bean if their given to much water! Overwatered plants will produce more leaves and runners and fewer pods. The leaves of the plants actually turn towards the sun to catch more rays when other beans turn their leaves away to aviod the sun. They're very high in protein, more so than other legumes.

"First grown in the Southwest during the time of the Hohokam Indians, teparies mature quickly and are tolerant of the low desert heat, drought and alkaline soils. " -NativeSeeds/SEARCH

You can buy them in 1 lb bags and seeds for planting from NativeSeeds/SEARCH
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