PixelPixie (pixelpusher) wrote in southwestgarden,

Plume tiquilia to tequilia greggii

Does anyone have any experience growing Plume tiquilia in central Arizona, and how does it fare?


Also, anyone know where to get some shipped here? All the nurseries I am calling here are coming up dry and head-scratching. I will dig around on the internet some more but a recommendation is always good. Maybe some wholesalers in Texas since that's where it grows?

I am very interested in its purple-and-silver combination. Any other similar recommendations in this color scheme would be welcome.

I just planted a cornerful of tall burgundy-stemmed and violet-flowered Ruellia shrubs bordered by Imperial Blue Plumbago, Victoria Blue salvia and Blue Ribbon salvia. It looks nice but I'm willing to tranplant those somewhere else once I find exactly what I'm looking for!
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